Top 6 best iOS and Android games of July 2020

 1 Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales

Genre: Adventure, Card/board game, Fighting

Essentially a full single player campaign for the Gwent card game taken from the The Witcher series, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales stands as one of the finest card battlers/deck builders on mobile. It's a fine port, with the kind of intuitive touch controls and cloud saving that we didn't manage to get in the recent Slay The Spire conversion.

Add in a meaty narrative filled with weighty choices, along with a little light resource management, and you have one of the most involving games of its kind.

2 Away: Journey to the Unexpected

Developer: Aurelien Regard

Publisher: Dear Villagers

Genre: Action, Adventure

Away: Journey to the Unexpected

3 Felix The Reaper

Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment

Genre: Puzzle

In this so-called 'Shadow manipulation puzzle' game you must work through a series of deathly dioramas, slinking through the shadows to initiate a number of fatal scenarios. Our protagonist is a not-so-grim reaper, who bops and dances along in a most incongruous fashion.

There are loads of Sokoban-style puzzlers on iOS and Android, but if we've seen one as well put together as Felix The Reaper, you'll have to remind us what it was. This is memorably slick stuff.

4 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

Another Professor Layton game? Where do we sign up? Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is a port of a Nintendo DS original. Its underpinnings may be 10 years old, but a layer of HD polish makes the conversion seem crisp and fresh.

Otherwise, it's Prof. Layton as you know and love it. This is the game that wrapped up the original point-and-click puzzler trilogy, and it's as packed full of charmingly fiendish brain-ticklers as the rest.

5 Wave Redux

The original Wave Wave formed part of a mid-2010s trend for masochistically tough arcade experiences. But it was also a lot of fun - an auto runner with a jagged edge, if you will.

Wave Redux is described as a spiritual successor, with the same zig-zag movement system and retro-futuristic visuals. However, it's a lot more chilled out than the original, with a steadier pace and more forgiving gameplay. For the most part, at least.

6 Good Sudoku

Good Sudoku is a new game from developer Zach Gage, which should be enough to prompt you to click the download button. Gage routinely takes familiar games (pool, Solitaire, Chess) and rethinks them for a mobile audience. Now he's done just that with Sudoku.

Good Sudoku takes the famous number puzzler and removes virtually all of the busywork through AI-powered hints and tools. Despite being way more intuitive than other Sudoku games, it also contains some truly fiendish puzzles.

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